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One Biglaw partner and his (soon to be former) wife have racked up seven figures in legal bills. A millionaire couple who met via an internet dating agency have risked ‘financial suicide’ fighting over a divorce, a court heard yesterday.Lawyer Aloke Ray and anaesthetist Charoo Sekhri have spent more than £860,000 on legal fees since separating two years ago.

One of the earliest personals ever placed was by a 30-year-old man, with "a very good estate', announcing he was in search of 'some good young gentlewoman that has a fortune of £3,000 or thereabouts." (£3,000 is equivalent to roughly £300,000 today.A High Court judge begged the warring couple to abandon the court battle, which has eroded almost a quarter of their combined wealth. But in fairness to Aloke Ray, the divorces of law firm partners often get ugly.Mr Ray, 41, who is a partner at the international law firm White & Case, is a specialist in dispute resolution. See, e.g, Steven Simkin of Paul Weiss (fighting over who should get stuck with Madoff-related losses); Frederick Tanne of Kirkland & Ellis (fighting over who has herpes); Ira Schacter of Cadwalader (fighting over who attacked whom).During this time, gathering sites for gay men known as Molly Houses were subject to regular raids by law enforcement. 1727: Women Get Smacked Down for Expressing Personal Desire In 1727, Englishwoman Helen Morrison became the first woman to place an ad in a Lonely Hearts column.When Mark Ridgewell was caught out having four girlfriends on the go, the women in his life decided to get their own back in humiliating fashion.Our profiles offer much greater depth & breadth than any of the competition.

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