Nicole sundberg dating


It's love all for Nicole Scherzinger and her new boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov!The singer seemed to confirm her blossoming romance with the tennis ace earlier this week, when she was pictured sharing a kiss with Grigor.

Walking hand-in-hand, the pair stopped to kiss before Nicole, 37, affectionately wiped her lipstick mark off her boyfriend's lips.

However, the 30-year-old, who was rumoured to be dating Rihanna, apparently has not moved on yet."He's already told Nicole it will kill him to see her with someone else, let alone a younger sportsman," the insider added.

"Nicole doesn't want to hurt his feelings but she can't put her life on hold. It's sacrificing your time in relationships, with loved ones, and my work..."In July, Dimitrov parted ways with five-times grand slam champion Maria Sharapova after two years of dating.

Moving around all the time, you just have to keep yourself entertained.

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